How many would be interested
in doing a Super Bowl Squares pool.
Reply this this email and let me know you would be interested.
Also on how many squares you would take if we did one.
So, how much should a square cost in the pool.

PayPal will hand all cash transactions and you would need a PayPal account.

Depending on the response, I will give it great consideration.
And if we do have the pool we could have the Super Bowl part on FTP.

I have looked at the on line site to have it on and it looks easy enough.
for the pool grid, it is a matter of lining up the page and then using the 
mouse like Jaws you can see the full grid and select the square you would like.

This poll will be open until Sunday night.
Then I will make my decision to do the pool.
>From the response I get that do want to join will get the first invites to 
>take their squares.
Then to fill out more square I will post again to the lists.
Prizes will be determine on the price of the squares and the number sold.
This will also determine the number of pay outs.
So in effect the web site will change from time to time before the pool closes 
as I will do construction on different points of the pool site.
This would be a first for me and so that is why I will do some work on the fly 
and then in later years the site will be ready to go.

And finally, if I feel the Pool did not sell enough squares, I will refund all 
In the case if there is squares left in the pool, will sue these squares be 
squares to have donations to  This may be first quarter pay out to the grand prize.
Again all depending on participation.

And if any donation is required this will be bundled with the NFL Pool of "Beat 
My Monkey 09"

Thanks Friends.
Gary Whittington aka Crash
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