I've never seen this behavior.
I've started a new town as well to test this, and I'm not seeing this problem.
What was your town name, and how far did you get before logging out or closing 
the browser?
It shouldn't matter what you do to exit, either log out or close browser, it 
will time out eventually anyhow.  Did you actually create your town?
In any case, logging in again shouldn't be a problem either.
What exactly is the url you're using to access the game?

I don't know what the problem is, but with enough info, I'm sure we can fix it.
Email me directly since it's not really list related, and we'll see what can be 
done to get you up and running.

On Feb 2, 2010, at 11:15 AM, Marja Karlsson wrote:

for some reason if I close the site or log out all my info gets lost or 
something. I try to log back in and it says there's no such user... I've 
checked my user name and password about 100 times now so I know I'm not doing 
it wrong. even got fed up and registered again, starting a new town. and now 
same thing is happening again. no such user registered or wrong password... and 
I know I'm not typing it in wrong. even got a sighted friend doing it for me a 
few times to make sure. is anyone else having this problem? or can I do 
anything to fix it somehow. it looked like a really fun game so I'm sad to have 
to abandon it...

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