This version is based on version 1.6.2 (which at the time of writing) was the 
latest version. There's also some custom mods to make it work better with 
screen readers (such as the under construction icons when buildings are being 
built) but otherwise, it's identical to the sourceforge version with the 
difference being.  I've added title and alt tags to all graphics, and indicated 
what level buildings are using said tags (the original did not do this, and it 
was difficult to tell what buildings needed worked on, and which ones you could 
leave alone for a bit) and a few other things to make it work better for screen 
reader users.  However, this did nothing to change the usability of the game by 
sighted users, so everyone is equally welcome to play.
If you want to play the game locally, you'll need a machine that has both mysql 
and a web server with php support installed.  Otherwise, you'll need to play on 
the web.  It's a web-based game, but that doesn't mean it can't be played 
locally, it just takes a bit of setup first.
It's more fun to play online though, since you get more competition.  Of 
course, since it's opensource, anyone is welcome to modify it as they see fit, 
and host it anywhere they like.
So, if you're looking to have a complete game running on your web host, then 
this may be the one you're looking for.  I've actually considered basing a 
space-building game on this one, but I had to finish making this one accessible 
I did switch browser versions partway through my upgrading, so some items may 
not have alt tags, but they do have title tags.  If anyone has trouble 
determining what something is, let me know what your browser version is, (this 
won't work with base lynx, since it uses javascript for some of it's 
functionality, but it will work with some versions of lynx that have been 
modified to have js support.
The game is written in php, and uses mysql for the backend (though come to 
think of it, I think I forgot to include the forum sql structures in my zip 
file, so will have to repost)
But, if you like building type games that only take a few minutes a day to 
play, then this game is your kind of thing.
If not, then you may want to give this one a pass, as it takes a good deal of 
patience to actually get anywhere significant once you get started.

On Feb 2, 2010, at 2:55 AM, Dickson Tan wrote:


Thanks, sounds interesting. Is this version of the game based on version 1.6
on the sourceforge site? How would I go about playing the game offline, once
I've downloaded the modified version from your site?


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