Hello to my fellow game playing friends who are using some type of hand 
device instead of the over used keyboard.
I now am thinking of up grading from my cheap little Philips retractable
game controller model 2909.
Can anyone offer me some positive feedback on what they are using instead of
using the poor abused over worked keyboard.
I'm looking for the following features in my hand held game pad, joy stick
or flight yoke. What ever it is called.
If at all possible, small and easy to learn how to use and to use it.
Must work with the latest and if at all possible all of the hand to ear
games that are out there that has the game pad written into the hand to ear
When I was researching for the Microsoft Flight Simulator and the Its your
plane program. I saw a few yoke and petal sets out there for around $100 to
$200 range. But that also included the ms fs program.
I'm looking for something that is realistic working and realistically
looking as possible.
The games that I had in mind to use the hand held unit with are.
The new Three D Velocity flight simulator of course.
Munawar, to bad you couldn't add petals as well with the ffb game pad.
Jim Kitchen's puppy one WW 2 dog fighting game and Jim's other games that
have a game pad written into the program.
Aliens in the outback. To bad there wasn't a game pad feature written into
the PBA bowling game when we were beta testing it.
The games from Justin's BSC games and from PBC games.
The three games from Justin's bsc games I wished that something would work
with both versions of pipe. Classic pipe and more importantly blast chamber.
Hunter and Troopanum.
I think I've haven't left anyone out who has a game with a game pad written
into it.
I was hoping to get some guidance from my fellow blind gamer friends who
1. can relate with the word blindness and how we interact with our games.
2.already has something so that I can get tips and tricks and maybe the
manual so that I can read how to use the device. That way I might be able to
see which games the device works with and does not work with the unit.
3. Here's hoping that the store has a say 30 day return policy of some type.
That way I'm not out anything if it doesn't work. And the user who tells me
about the hand held unit can tell me where they picked it up at and if it
still can be purchased from that store.
I was disappointed that the Philips 2909 wouldn't work with the Blast
Chamber game that we beta testers had a ball testing. This is the original
reason why I was looking for something in the first place. This was before
the flying simulators came out. Especially Munawar's Three D Velocity flight
simulator written by and for the blind.
If you haven't test flown Munawar's three D Velocity blind flight simulator
out yet. Then you're missing out on a real treat.
If you'd like more info on the Three D Velocity game? Go out to
Then to down loads. Then to game down loads which is the first of the three
links in the down load area. Then go down to Three D Velocity December
button and then down to down load button to grab it.
Munawar didn't know I was going to add this in my letter.
It really takes quite a bit of something to impress me. And it takes more to
have me recommend a product for my fellow blind hand to ear game playing
friends that I think may enjoy the product as well, and how well we blind
people can access all of the features in that product.
I hope Munawar isn't mad at me.
But take the movies Iron Eagles and Top gun and cross the two movies
together and you have this awesome blind simulator that was written by a
blind person for blind people to enjoy.
So far I enjoy the racing mode via the keyboard and the death match mode via
the hand held game pad unit.
I'm going to get a lot of hate mail for my opinions on the following
products. And before I give my opinions on the following topic. I would like
to offer my fellow blind pilot love to be a present.
For those who have access to RFB&D services.
I found the following two books.
I started with NLS and they didn't have anything.
But RFB&D has the following two books that might interest my fellow blind
pilot love to be.
The first book I really am enjoying. It pretty much was written for the
average person. The info is
GW694 An invitation to fly
The second book which I haven't really had a chance to look at just yet is
HN390 The student pilot's flight manual
But in this blind pilot love to be opinion. The Ms FS and the IYP project
isn't my cup of tea.
In my opinion it is all talk interface and there's no physical hand held
interface like through the hand held unit and or the keyboard shortcut
keystrokes. IT would have been nice if there were some way to combine the
code so that
yes like in real life you talk to the tower and what have you for those
times that you have to talk to someone for some real reason.
But also learn how to file a flight plan. Then when you need to turn off the
lights, press a button on the typewriter keyboard and or on the hand held
unit instead of just saying to turn the lights on or off and having the game 
do it for you.
>From what I've seen in Munawar's three d velocity flight simulator.
There's sound effects in there that we probably could use to tell us which
we are turning. Which direction we are driving in on the ground and in the
We also probably could have sounds or audio feedback to tell us when we're
getting close to
how far we are and in which direction we need to drive into make it safely 
to the gate to drop off the pasengers. The to guide us to the hanger to shut 
down the plane. It also could tell us where we must wait at before we get to 
the take off area and if there's a
plane in front of us or not or just about to land in front of us and what
have you.
For those who made the pod casts.
You did one Hell of a beautiful job.
>From filing a flight plan to all of the check lists, take off, what to do in
the air and finally touch down and the check lists to the gate and for shut
But in this pilot love to be's opinion.
Only having a talk interface is to boring for me.
I know I'm going to receive tons of hate mail for my opinion. But maybe the
people who are using both the MS FS and the IYP program, can work on these
possible added , features, issues and or points with the people at IYP.
Maybe some could share this letter with IYP.
I applod the people at IYP for trying to help us to make something blind
friendly. But even though they have the right attitude to help us to enjoy a
They're not blind and don't know our issues.
Would you agree or disagree on this point.
I would be willing to help out when and where I can on the ms fs and IYP 
with a hand held device if I can get the info from my friends on which unit
to pick up to continue to enjoy the virtual reality of the great hand to ear 
games that
are out there with hand held units written into them for our enjoyment.
Very Thankfully Yours,
Ron Kolesar who if were sighted would be flying.

There isn't
Have a good day,
>From the Kolesar brothers and our puppies

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