You'll notice that your crop acts as a kind of controller for the rest of the resources. I'm not sure why it was configured this way, and I have considered changing it, but as of yet, I've not modified that piece of code. What happens, is that crop (being the main product) takes a hit every time you upgrade other products. It does get a boost from other things though, so you'll notice it fluxuating from time to time as you build, upgrade, and continue playing. You'll always need to upgrade your crop more than the other products before you see it increase in proportion to the other items. Again, this code came from the initial version, and I've not modified it's behavior, though I have thought about it. I find this behavior a little counterintuitive. However, it does make sense when looked at from a certain angle, which is why I've (up to now) left it alone. If folks as a whole think this needs changed, then I'll certainly see what can be done, but for now, you'll need to remember crop is the driving force, and you'll need to upgrade crop further to get the same results.

On Feb 4, 2010, at 8:49 PM, Kai wrote:

Greetings Travis et al.

I'm playing Devana (the modified version), and have built a grain mill and upgraded my first farm to level 1, but my crop yield is still 5 units per hour with morale at 100%. Anyone have any clue if that's a bug or a failing on my part? All my other resources are escalating properly, it's just crop that's stuck at 5.


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