The version of Devana I've modified to make it more accessible is at:
I've added things to make it possible to tell what's under construction, and 
put alt or title tags on all images (except for some related to the world map) 
and generally cleaned up the interface here and there to help vi folks better 
understand what's happening.
The one at is the original site, and I play there too,
only I have a lot easier time playing the modified one, because I don't have to 
guess at what's happening in some cases.
Plus, recently, the copy seems to have introduced a few bugs recently.
For instance, when I have 3 or 4 buildings constructing at the same time, 
sometimes I find that won't correctly track those buildings,
and I get stuck with less resources, but no completed building.
I've not seen any mention of it on the forums over there, so I'm a little 
surprised about that,
But regardless, it's an excellent game, so feel free to play at whichever site 
is easiest for you. is the original site, and
is the one I've modified, so any errors or omissions are mine.
If you do have issues, please drop a note in the forums, and I'll see if I can 
fix any issues.

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