Hi folks,

I just wanted to update you all on the progress of the game creation engine 
that I spoke of back in October. It has been slowed down due to some 
difficulties with the script interpreter, but they are all resolved now and 
development can continue rapidly. In short, the language has C++ syntax but 
with several simplifications such as a large number of prewritten functions 
that allow you to get things like audio, keyboard input, file reading and 
writing, artificial intelligence etc, up and running in no time. You also have 
automatic memory management built in so you need not worry about freeing the 
resources that you have claimed, unless you want to be a little efficient and 
free things when you know that they are not being used anymore.

The tool will feature a bunch of playable example games as well as ready to use 
templates that one can just import and then customize. For example there will 
be a sidescroller template so that you can make games such as Q9 very quickly 
with predefined enemy behavior that you can control, customizable levels and 
objects etc etc. Thus, it is possible for a skilled Bgt user to write their own 
games from scratch or even their own templates for others to use, while the 
more inexperienced user can start from and modify existing templates to 
construct a game with relative ease.

And of course, one is able to compile a finished script into a stand-alone 
executable with no dependencies other than Direct X and, well, Microsoft 
Windows. This executable can then be distributed along with your sounds and 
documentation either in a portable fashion as to be usable from a flash drive, 
or you can use an installation builder such as InnoSetup to generate a standard 
installation program for it.

So that's it for now. Just thought I'd let you know how things stand... Keep 
your eyes and ears open!

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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