I was wondering if anyone played this mudk, sinse i've had a look through the 
docs and there are several things which seemed possibly interesting to me, ---- 
but i have several questions too which weren't answered. 

firstly quests. Yes, I like quests and exploration far more than interacting 
with other players, ---- and I have a strong dislike of pvp. 

Are the quests really as numerous as the game claimes? 

Also, are they timed? 

The thing which finally drove me off materia magica was the time limit on 
quests combined with lack of accessible maps. 

I don't mind hunting around to find place X for a quest, but having to do it 
within a certain time was down right annoying! I found myself running around 
like a headless chicken frantically trying to find where the heck I was 
supposed to go and half of the time not managing it. 

Even with maps or directions, I'm not sure how much I'd have appreciated timed 
quests, sinse I tend to like exploring and detouring on the way, ---- though 
they might have made things easier.

Then, is the matter of payment. Lusternia seems to be a commercial game, but I 
can't for the life of me find out what precisely the price is, or what the 
associated restrictions or rewards are. Any information would be appreciated. 

lastly, pvp. How inforced is it in lusternia? and indeed how interesting is the 
game to play without it? ---- i've seen too many games that say they don't 
enforce pvp or competition, but then severely run out of things to do if you 
don't participate in either (legend of the Green dragon anyone?). 

Any information would be appreciated, ---- not to mention any possible quirks 
with working with Vip mud too. 

Thanks in advance, 

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