Hi Claudio,
While I understand what you are saying I think you are overlooking
something very vital to game programming. In order to become a skilled
programmer you really need to understand the fundimentals of
programming first. You need to understand the technical terminology,
things such as data types, functions, classes, programming techniques,
etc. Without this writing a simple game and saying you do this, this,
and that isn't enough.  You need to know how the code works and
relates to everything else before you can create anything
For example, you stated, "How to make an audiogame with a ship that
goes from left to right.
I am sure that a professional programmer has to look before he can program
This opinion is based soully on your inexperience with programming,
and therefore really isn't true for most skilled programmers. Once a
programmer reaches a certain point in his/her education they can
create programs, including games, without having to look at someone
else's code. An example such as you suggest above is child's play for
anyone of any real skill in a programming language and isn't complex
at all even though to you it seams very difficult right now. However,
the key to understanding how to create programs without requiring
constant source code examples is understanding the fundimentals behind
how a program is designed in the first place.
I could for example write up an open source Space Invaders game, a
Guess the Number game, etc but would that really teach you the
underlying principles of the programming language I am using? Not
really. It would only give you an example of what can be done, perhaps
in a step by step manner, but such an example wouldn't teach you how
to create games on your own using your own coding style, your own
ideas, and most of all being able to draft and create a program from
scratch.  This only comes from experience and knowing what is needed
to do it in the first place. There is no quick and easy solution to go
from total newby to skilled programmer over night. It is like building
a tall building. You learn by laying a good and solid foundation and
build up your understanding and create more complex programs as you


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