Hi Muhammed,
there are several reasons why I am writing my own game engine. They
are as follows.
First, Philip's game engine isn't cross-platform and I am hoping to
design a game engine that can be ported to Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.
I can't do that if I'm using someone else's game engine.As I am
currently considering making the switch to Mac myself it only makes
sence I begin distancing myself from Windows proprietary software.
 Second, Philip's game engine lacks features I personally want in a
game engine. As I have often mentioned on list I wish to create a
fully 3D FPS game engine so I can produce games on par with Tomb
Raider, Jedi Knight,  Halo, Doom, etc. What I want to create is quite
a bit more complex than games like Sarah, Shades of Doom, or any of
the other blind FPS games that currently exists. By 3D I don't mean
just sound, but the entire game environment will be in 3D with six
primary directions of movement left/right, up/down, and
forward/backward.Plus, of course, all of the directions in between.
Third,  in all respects my Genesis Engine project predates Philip's
BGT Toolkit. The Genesis Engine has been in proeductions since early
2008 and has had various stops and starts along the way. I initially
began designing it in C# .Net, decided I didn't want to do that,
converted it to Java, decided I didn't like that either, and finally
settled on the current version written in C++. The end result is even
though I technically started the project in 2008 it took me the last
two years of trial and error to come up with a design that would meet
all of my expectations.
Finally, any time you use somebody else's engine there are license
agreements to follow, royalties to be paid, etc for commercial games.
I'd rather not have to do that if I can. I'd rather use my own engine,
which I don't have to license, and actually own the software outright.
Although, I'm currently using FMOD Ex in my engine so there is some
royalties to be paid if I continue to use that API commercially.
However, since I am able to I could always yank FMOD support out of my
engine and replace it with something like XAudio2, DirectSound,
OpenAL, or something else if I decide to do that.


On 2/20/10, Muhammed Deniz <muhamme...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Yeah, but Why is it wurth to create a game engine when Philip is creating
> one?.
> Ok Thomas, I will not want you to get angry or upset at this question,
> because I only want to know the reason.
> Best of luck,
> Muhammed.

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