Actually, there are several games on the mac.  Hundreds, thousands even, 
but I assume you were talking about games for the blind only.
Well, those exist too.
Besides some written in java, you can go to:
and check out the programs (including some games) I've ported/written for the 

Unfortunately, programming on the mac using apple provided tools isn't as easy 
as it could be, and that's why there's not a whole lot of mac development 
happening for blind developers.
However, I disagree with the 10-15 registrations you might get out of the mac 
There's literally hundreds of users on the various mac lists I'm on, and I know 
for a fact, at least half of those users are waiting for mac ports of games, so 
you are selling yourself short if you think there's only 10 folks who will 
register your game.
On the other hand, everything I've made is free, so all I have for numbers is 
downloads, but in all cases, they've reached tripple digits, so take from that 
what you will.

philip it is ashame you can't make your game engine mac compatible as well. as 
a matter of fact, why aren't people who are making supposedly mac playable 
games like draconis, helping developers like philip?
no proof as of yet of a mac playable game has come into existance as of yet

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