Hi Kevin,
Well, for the language basics you don't need any specialized tutorial
or book. Any good book like C++ for Dummies, Thinking in C++, or Teach
Yourself C++ in 21 Days will give you the basics you need to know for
general C++ programming.
As for DirectX there are two audio APIs for sounds and music. There is
the older DirectSound API for DirectX 8/9 which is being phased out
and the newer XAudio2 library which has replaced DirectSound on
Windows vista and Windows 7.
You don't really need any specialized tutorials for either of these
libraries, but the ones that ship with the DirectX SDK aren't aimed at
a beginner. They do however use several basic simple DirectX utility
classes such as a simple sound manager for DirectSound that simplifies
programming applications with DirectX, but it is recommend you write
your own utility classes which isn't something a beginner will want to
do. So personally I wouldn't recommend using DirectX if you are new to
C++. there are much easier solutions like SDL or SFML that are more
appropriate for a new programmer.
In any case I am working on tutorials for my developers web site, but
MOTA has me so tied up my programming tutorials aren't getting done.
So all I can say is it is something I am actively working on but is
far from being completed.


On 2/20/10, Kevin Weispfennig <kevin.weispfen...@gmx.net> wrote:
> HI there,
> Has someone a really good Tutorial on C++ that is like specially designed
> for Blind people, or more with Sound than with pictures and all that
> other designing stuff?
> Like how to use the Audio in DirectX, Variables, and that basic stuff?
> I would appriciate having one and also would be very thankful for the
> person who gives me access to such materials.
> Kevin

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