Well, to be fair it isn't so much DirectX itself is hard to use and
program it is that all of Microsoft's documentation and sample
programs seam to be aimed towards someone who has lots of experience
and has been writing C++ programs for a long while. In other words
they don't necessarily explain everything in enough depth or on a
level that a person just learning to program could understand, and is
likely to leave a new programmer confused and frustrated. Plus when it
comes to their sample programs Microsoft tried to simplify it by
creating a bunch of DirectX utilities that manages all the stuff for
you, but I feel that made the problem worse as you don't actually see
the relation ship between the sample app and the actual interface to
DirectX. Instead all you see is a link to a bunch of utility classes
that hides or obscures what you have to do to create a DirectX
application. To solve that problem you have to look in the dxutils
source tree and figure out how their manager classes work. In short, I
find their samples and documentation confusing, lacking depth, and not
explanitory enough for a beginner. I can figure it out only because
I'm use to looking at raw source code without the aid of documentation
and the kind of explanations required by someone just learning.


On 2/20/10, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> HI Kevin,
> Audio and DirectX? Basic stuff? Hahaha! From the little I know, DirectX used
> with C ++ isn't exactly a cakewalk.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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