Hi Philip,
Oh, I can completely understand were you are coming from. I myself am
strongly tempted to basically support DirectX on the Windows side and
use SFML/OpenAL on the Mac side of things. However, try as I might I
haven't found anything on the Mac side of things that truly rivals
DirectX on a feature by feature comparison, and if sselling games is
your business those extra features count for something.
For example, everyone knows that one of the games I am working on is
USA Raceway. One of the things I want to do is have stearing wheel
support with force feedback ability to truly make it more realistic.
Problem is DirectInput certainly has all the features I want, but
SFML's sfml-window.dll library only has generic input support for
stearing wheels and joysticks which makes it functional but lacking
features I want/need for that particular product. I've seen similar
issues when comparing sfml-audio which uses OpenAL. SFML/OpenAL has
pretty decent 3d audio support, but lacks a simple pan control which
comes in handy for side-scrollers or something like a Space Invaders
shooter. As a result to position the sound you have to use 3d
positioning which is overkill for simple arcade type games. As a
result I am strongly considering on using DirectX on the Windows side,
and when and if I decide to port to Mac or Linux I'll use something
like SFML.


On 2/20/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> The problem can pretty much be summarized like this. I do not personally
> have a Mac and since i've never had any reason to dislike or want to switch
> from Windows it's not something that is high priority for me to investigate.
> Because of this, I would only do a Mac port if I felt that the commercial
> potential was high enough to justify my purchasing a Mac as well as learning
> how to develop for it, and then finally port my underlying codebase. I do
> not use a cross platform audio library such as OpenAl mainly because it
> forces yet another component on to the end user's machine as, apparently,
> they decided not to make it possible to link to it staticly for whatever
> strange reason. Besides, OpenAl will most likely be using DirectSound on
> Windows Xp anyway and so I figured that I might as well interact directly
> with it rather than using another third party layer. I will be porting it
> over to XAudio2 eventually, but this won't be for at least another couple of
> years as I feel that DirectSound is still being widely used.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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