Hello everyone,
I thought many of you, especially game developers, might be interested
to know what the audio games community had to say regarding the
marketing survey posted yesterday. The results are pretty interesting,
and gives a good idea of where gamer's interests are as well as what
hardware and software they have. Here is the early results of the
survey thus far.


The youngest person polled was 11-years old and the oldest member was
55-years old. The average age of our target market is between 18 and

Operating Systems:

The number one operating system prefered by our target market is
Windows XP followed by Windows Vista. The least amount of votes was
for Mac OS.
Although, nearly everyone surveyed liked the idea of games being
created for Mac or Linux using Cider or Cedega as long as they got the
same features as on Windows, but most prefered to stick with Windows
XP themselves.

Input Devices:

The most popular input device is the keyboard with a few requesting
better joystick support. Nearly everyone polled felt that adding a
joystick with force feedback support would be a good selling point for
the game, and something they'd like to see done. Especially, in the
case of a racing game or flight game where force feedback enabled
stearing wheels and flightsticks adds extra realism for the game.

Speech Output:

Regarding speech out put the survey was split pretty equally between
those that wanted prerecorded speech and those who would rather have
Sapi support. All of those in favor of prerecorded speech mentioned
they'd like to see more human voices, voice acting, etc rather than
just prerecorded clips of TTS voices. Those in favor of Sapi were less
concerned about speech quality and were in favor of the ability to
select a voice, speed, volume, and customize the voice using their
favorite Sapi speech engine/voice.  A couple were in favor of using
their screen reader instead, but weren't enough to really consider
that an option compared to the other two alternatives.

Game Genres:

The number one response to wwhich type of game people liked to play
was all of the above which included: arcade, side-scroller, first
person, sports, and text adventure. Several expressed an interest in
arcade games. Many also expressed an interest in side-scrollers, and
wanted to see more games like Mysteries of the Ancients. A few
specifically mentioned an interest in first person as well, but not as
many as the other two catagories.


So far what the survey results show is that a commercial developers
largest market is users running Windows XP, between the ages of 18 and
31, and they would like to see features such as force feedback that
are really only supported through DirectX. Many would like to have
Sapi support so they can have control over the speech settings, and
others want more realistic human voices if it is possible. As far as
any specific genre of game any type of game will do, will find a
market, but arcade games and side-scrollers seam to have the most
specific interest at the moment.
On behalf of USA Games Interactive I want to thank everyone who filled
out the survey, and wish you all the best. The survey is officially
continuing, but I think we now have a pretty good idea of where the
market is, and what people are interested in.

Thomas Ward
USA Games Interactive

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