Well, I definitely haven't made it down to the final level, and that
hasn't been from a lack of trying. It took me quite a while to get a
handle on really playing the game getting a proper character with the
proper balancing skills, and so on. Currently I am roming level 5, and
I'm not doing too bad now.
My main character, a  fighter mage, named Cassandra Arilon just got
killed in a major battle on level 5 which has me pretty ticked off.
However, the half-elf, I named Alair Eadan, is now stepping into the
leadership roll. He and my animal companion, a wolf named Lupercus,
are forging on without Cassandra.  I gave Alair most of Cassandra's
good weapons and armour and he can hold his own in a fight.
Especially, when he casts those lightning bolts he can hit two and
some times three enemies at once with 20 points of damage. So bad guys
beware Alair Eadan the kick butt elf is here. Lol!
So at any rate I'm just about to enter level 6. I've got a quest down
there anyway, and hopefully I'm ready to take on that quest. I'm short
a party member already, and I'm down to Alair and Lupercus. Of course,
I can always summon a ratt, bat, or wolf to aid in the battles, but
those aren't the same as having fighters, mages, etc on your side.
Cassandra was wicked when she cast fire bolts at an enemy, and I don't
have her abilities any more. Grrrrrr...
Anyway, I'd be interested to know how many party memers is typical for
the game, and what it taks to reach the final level of Entombed. I'm
ready to start level 6 and i've just about gotten my clock cleaned
several times.  Some of those fights got pretty hairy when the enemies
started summoning skeletons, bats, ratts, wolfs, and everything else
to slug the odds in their favor. Cut one bad guy down and he gets
raised from the dead and gives it another go, and is twice as hard to
kill than he was when he was alive. This game is challenging, but is
also fun too because you never know what nasty tricks those creeps
have up their sleave.

On 2/26/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> I think the music's better than the sound effects overall, especially  if
> you manage to survive long enough to get down to the final floor of the
> dungeon. The music there is a haunting, almost poignant lead-up to the final
> battle, although I do wish there was a different theme for more boss
> battles. Most of them use the same battle theme as normal enemies. The only
> exceptions are the wolves atacking the town and the Drake.

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