Hi Dark,
Agreed. Not only that but the name Dan is, well, just to plain for a
game like Entombed. I like to pick character names that are well
suited for a fantacey genre.
For example,  my wolf companion is named Lupercus. Lupercus for those
who aren't up on your classical litature was the mythical Lord of the
Wolves. A name like that fits right in to a game like Entombed as it
is a fantacey style game. It also isn't a common name so it makes the
character more unique.
Another point is considering when and where this story takes place.
While it is true most of the names we have today are very old
historically speaking those have survided are usually Christian names
like Luke, Thomas, SarahDaniel, etc that are far too common place.
There are plenty of names just as old that aren't commonly used or
have fallen out of fassion. I tend to take up those less common names
and use them for my characters.
For example, My half-elf character is named Alair. Alair is a very old
name that means cheerful one. I felt it was fitting since elves are
suppose to be happy creatures even during times of crisis. Plus I've
never known anyone with that name. If they have it they probably
shortened it to Al.  At any rate the name is very old, fits the
character I wanted to create, and is unique.
that's the whole point of an RPG in my opinion. To have a really good
story line, be able to make up your own character, and then play them
out inside the larger story. You can even create back stories for each
member of your party saying how and why they ended up in the situation
in the first place. The game play will determine the rest of the story
how they died or if they succeeded in their quest.


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