Hi Jim,
Well, a lot has to do with when and how we were raised. I know given
your age you lived through the counter culture revolution during the
1960's and 1970's when the hippies were protesting the war in Vietnam,
and preached peace, sex, love, and rock and roll. However, the
majority of our listers, including me,  were born after the counter
culture movement, and what hippy values we got were passed down by
parents if at all.
As for myself the first games I can remember playing were arcade games
like Demon Attack, SpaceInvaders, Asteroids, Atlantice, and stuff like
that. By the mid 1980's I had moved onto the Nintendo with games like
Castlevania, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes, Legend of Kage, and other
fighting games. By the mid 1990's I was playing games like Jedi
Knight, Tomb Raider, Soldier of Fortune, Mech Warrior, and so on.  So
it could be said I've always played violent action games without much
thought to weather or not they are right or wrong.
What I can say is that as a result I generally prefer an action game
with lots of fighting and combatinvolved. That's why a game like
Entombed will apeal to me but not to you. I'm not really bothered
about some of the gory details in the game when heads, arms, legs,
feet, hands, etc get chopped off and go flying accross the room. Some
times I laugh
at stuff like that. Especially, when one of my party members chop off
a goblin's arm, leg, or head and it goes flying accrosss the room.
However, I completely understand if people find that sort of thing too
violent, too gory, and discusting.

On 2/28/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Muhammed,
> Well that is your opinion.  Personally I do not like violence even in a
> game.  I am anti war, anti violence etc.  I would much more like to be doing
> things that feel good or are fun or are at least more productive than
> killing and dyeing.  And I believe that there are games that are fast paced,
> exciting and full of action without all of the killing and dyeing.  And I
> have been playing computer and or video games since the nineteen seventies.
> So you know, I am probably not going to change my opinion now. <grin>

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