Hi Jim,
Well, I don't either, but I have a pretty good theory why that is. If
we consider that the U.S. is largely made up of Christians of one
denomination or another that's obviously going to reflect on the
public outlook on sex. Let's not forget in the 2000 and 2004 elections
most Republicans got elected by getting on the God, gays, and guns
compeign  platform. Afterwards we had very stupid discussions of
ammending the constitution to define mariage as a union between a man
and a woman. As though passing a law can stop homosexual couples from
having a relationship which it couldn't.
Personally, I feel what a couple, same sex or not, does in the bed
room is none of the government's business. The churches can mind their
own business, and stay out of peoples lives. They have no business
trying to tell everyone else what kinds of movies, games, etc people
should watch or play. However, they do have an incredible sway over
American politics and to some degree over public opinion.
In countries where Christianity is not the mainstream religion, such
as Japan, you find much more relaxed views of sex, and much more
sexual content. I know the Japanese have adult oriented cartoons and
games where sex is quite previlent.  Obviously, they don't have a
problem with that kind of content, but we certainly do here in the

On 2/28/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Yeah, I don't know why sex is so taboo for so many people in the U. S.  I
> have always thought that it was a beautiful thing.  Now games, movies etc
> that combine sex and violence really get me upset.  Some might say that is
> what spanker does, but as I mentioned the motto is safe, sane and
> consensual.
>      Jim

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