Hi Dark,
I have to say Entombed has given me lots of ideas to help my own RPG
project along. Mine will not exactly be like Entombed of course, but
the combat system in Entombed is definitely something like I'd want to
use. Being able to chop off a hand, arm, or leg in battle is something
that could realistically happen, and would give you a big tactical
advantage. I've noticed, for example, that the Goblin King is almost
impossible to damage with direct chest attack because of the body
armour. Aiming for his legs though are a weak point and you can easily
knock him down so he has to take a turn standing back up, or you can
chop off a leg or foot so he can't stand up at all to begin with.
That's an element I really like about the game, and would like to see
in more RPG games.
As for looking at an enemies head I've got to see this. Laer tonight
when I get back on Entombed I'll try it. I'm sure I can behead
somebody for that purpose. Although, I need to restart from scratch.
The last game gave me lemons for characters with crappy skills and

On 2/28/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Indeed Tom.
> I'd say this is a floor with lots of rpgs, extremely uninteresting and
> undescriptive combat, ---- especially those which rely heavily on hp
> mechanics. In the D&D 2nd eddition books I've read, it specifically states
> that the hp should be taken as a guide to roleplay and an indicator for what
> damage is done and what condition someone is in, not as red that 100 percent
> = perfect health, 0 is death, and pretty much everything betwene is the
> same.
> I do admit the entombed system has taken quite a lot of balancing out, even
> up to a couple of versions ago, it was too easy for just about enemy on the
> lower floors to one shot a magic based character with a shot to the head or
> torso, ---- but sinse Jason added more overall hp for those jobs it's been
> working very well and provides great stratogy and realism.
> Btw, miner spoiler but some fun! try picking up a severed head then looking
> in your equipment list for a rather amusing litle touch which has been in
> right from the very early private alphas.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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