Hi Dark,
Yeah, I know. The retro gaming movement is certainly an interesting
aspect to PC gaming as it is directed towards old school gamers like
me who basically grew up with the Atari 2600, Colleco Vision,
Nintendo, Super NES, etc. Some of the Megaman games and Castlevania
games didn't have great graphics, but that was made up for in killer
game play and a decent enough story. I just don't see new games that
capture the gaming public the way those games did when they first hit
the market.
Back in 1996 when everyone was trying to cash in on the new Windows 95
PC market Edos Interactive released their first treasure hunting game
Tomb Raider. At the time it was a smashing success. I loved that game.
However, over the passed few years the series has steadily been going
down hill. Edos new Legends engine has extremely awesome graphics, as
seen in Tomb Raider Underworld, but the game content isn't the same
any more. In my opinion Edos took a very bad turn after the Last
Revelation when they killed Lara Croft off in the game universe, and
then tried to undo their mistake by saying she secretly escaped from
the trapped ruins, and locates Dr. Von Croy in Paris in number 6 where
she ends up framed with his murder. Plot wise the game took a dramatic
turn for the worst. They  officially killed Lara Croft in Last
Revelation, Chronicals was a series of short adventures that happened
pproceeding her death in Egypt, Angel of Darkness was more or less a
story to try and bring Lara back from the dead and having her hunt
downsome missing paintings, and Legends was basically about Lara's
search for what happened to her mother and father. Although the later
games did have some treasure hunting in them that really was no longer
the focus or aim of the games. It all got wrapped up in Lara's
personal story, and her eventual showdown with Natla in Underworld.
Someone who Lara had killed clear back in  the original Tomb Raider
game, or was suppose to have until the last two games were Natla ends
up resuming her roll as nemesis.
It is hard to put my finger on it, but Edos has clearly lost the magic
that made those games successful in the 1990's. The new games just
aren't the same or as good as they were. The sounds are better, the
graphics are better, but they games are actually flops. Oh, I like
them well enough, better than some stuff that is out there, but I'm
loosing interest in them myself. Unfortunately, I'm finding the same
problem throughout the gaming industry. Games seam to be anywhere from
bla to so so at best. For me there has never been another Tomb Raider,
Castlevania, double Dragon, whatever that just grabs my attention the
way those games did.  At least not from the mainstream market.
As far as accessible gaming goes Entombed has put a lot of fresh
content out there, and looks like it is a smashing success. Even I'm
hooked on it although I see where the game could be better. More
traps, several bug fixes, more adventures, etc and I think it would be
a very awesome game.


On 3/7/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> well these days there are games for serious game players, and games for
> casual graphically obsessed people with no imagination, ---- generally the
> serious games enthusiasts hate the trend, and indeed that's a chief reason
> behind the retro gaming movement, ---- games these days are easier, more
> cinematic, more concentrated on gimics and less on gameplay than in the
> past, --- -such is the thinking anyway.
> Interestingly enough, i remember reading a topic on the Angband roguelike
> forums from someone who was sick of what they called cliched, unsystematics
> console rpgs, and much preferd roguelikes for that reason, ---- and from a
> sighted point of view, you don't really get more minimalist in terms of
> graffics than aski.
> There are of course stil games, ---- such as the Metroid prime, Final
> fantasy, Grandia or Mega man series (not counting battle network), which are
> very much aimed at the old school, serious game playing fraternity, ---- but
> now it's become a minority interest, rather than being the norm as it was in
> the past.
> Indeed I've heard that's why Final fantasy 7 is regarded as one of the best
> games of all times, it was cinematic enough to catch the eye of the generic
> kids, but interesting and deep enough in gameplay and plot to keep the die
> hard gamers happy.
> Btw, my brother, and various friends of mine are very much die hard gamers,
> hence my knolidge of the subject.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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