March Madness and Baseball.

Join the real madness in this years'
Men's College Accessible Basketball Championship Tourney.
Filling out the early register form is easy as pie.
Just fill in your nickname supply a e-mail address and a simple password that 
is not 
a password you would use like for banking.  Something in the line "sneakers".
No need to allow for scripting in the form, so its easy easy easy.
Pre Registered pool members will be told first of the pool opening to fill out 
your basket.
Just select your nick out of the  combo box put in your password and email, so 
you can get a copy of your email.
Again is easy easy easy, to fill out the brackets just select a team in the 
match up box and tab and do the same and tab until you get to the
Tie breaker.  Where you will input a number that you think will be the total 
points of both teams at game end.

Then you can check the box to send email and use the drop down list to select 
email in text.
And finally, you can send a message to me Crash in the edit box and then hit 
The pre register form also has these features so you can send your form to you 
by email.

The register form URL is below:

For you Baseball fans out there.
The Baseball Accessible Liberty League third year is just around the corner.

This accessible draft baseball fantasy league is like nothing else out there.
Just like the pool this league is open to blind persons and their family and 

The accessible draft allows the blind gamer is be part of a live draft.
And with all the other great fantasy features in a fantasy league is very easy.
I have worked with FanStar to make the web page blind accessible.

Here is the link to the league home web site: 

I have ran the pool now for over 5 years and the League since 2008.
I have had a lot of pleasure in bring these too the blind community and their 
family and friends.
With even a larger Grand prize for the pool then ever and the League will also 
have its first give away.
Now that I know what the heck fantasy leagues works, smiles.
And if you wish to have a team in the "BALL) Draft fantasy league for the blind 
send email to me at

Don't do it and you will miss out on the great fun that others are having 
during the 
NCAA tourney and baseball season as the members compete with other blind 
community sport fans.

Gary Whittington aka Crash

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