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So, I've been in posession of a lot of time lately, and figured I would start 
something. I am a guitarist, and have been playing for a good eight years or 
so... all self-taught, no lessons. And I reecently had an idea. I've always 
been a street fighter fan, especially of the music. Super Street Fighter 2 had 
one of the best sound tracks for fightng games, of that particular type of 
music. Because Soul Calibur's orchestral themes are a different kind, I didn't 
mention it although that is probably my second-favorite. I'm curious... would 
anyone be interested to hear remixes of street fighter themes, simply with lead 
and rhythm guitar? Bare in mind that if people say yes, it isn't going to sound 
that good. I don't know any proper techniques, I just play and people tell me 
it's good. So I'm not sure. But if people are interested, I can share some of 
the ones I have in mind to do. Requests are welcome too... and if anyone else 
who is a guitarist wants to ad their own twist, feel free to let me know either 
on or offlist an we can send files back and forth and mix the mtogether, so we 
have more than one guitar going at once. lol. What do you guys all think?
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