Wel I finally! wonne! 

It took a couple of hours, and about 280 moves, and that was on the practice 
map against the computer on easy. 

I must confess part of it might have been me forgetting to unload troops from 
transports after they got to where they were going, ---- which wasn't clever. 

It was sort of a random game. i concentrated on building armour and building up 
all the cities of my island, and then basically endured a long siege where any 
ship I put out of harbour got blown up, but the enemy only once landed, and 
were crushed by a legion of armour (is it me, or do those sound like mecha 

Eventually! I got a transport through onto one of the smaller islands, and from 
there things just got better until I eventually invaded the enemy homeland and 
my hoards attacked in huge force! 

Actually by the end there was the remnants of the once mighty enemy fleet 
running around trying to ambush my ships while I controlled the entire land, 
and once I'd stormed their last city (easier said than done because by then I 
had so many troops I couldn't find the ones on the transport I wanted), it was 
a matter of turning everything over to naval production.

In general there are several things I'm unsure of. 

Firstly, naval stratogy! it seems very hard to actually have ships survive for 
any length of time, also, I'm not sure what the manual meant about subs getting 
an advantage, sinse they seem to just get blown up. In fact in general, I've 
noticed if you initiate an attack, your much less likely to win, then if it 
happens on a random patrol. 

So any advice would be appreciated. 

I'll also admit I didn't try out fighters, sinse my previous game had just seen 
them get destroyed in hundreds and they didn't seem to serve a purpose, ---- 
most odd, as you'd expect them to be great for strafing and bombing runs 
against enemy troops or cities.

I'll now go back to the manual and have a look, but I do like thus far even if 
I haven't worked out everything yet. 

Beware the grue! 

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