well it does actually show and is much appreciated. That's a major cryticism I have of sound rts, the fact that the computer isn't really a good opponent, and if there is nobody online or if i don't feel like competing against another human it makes the game less playable and as I said, I really like the idea of a single player stratogy game.

A cooperative team battle of this sort does sound rather fun, however I must admit I was rather looking forward to the point where you could have three or four independent empires attacking each other, ---- whether they were human or computer, just to make things more chaotic.

Possibly a range of options here could be interesting, ---- though if this would stretch the Ai too much, --- -fair enough.

Beware the grue!


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As it is planned now, you can have one computer opponent per human player. So say you were playing with a friend, he can start up one computer opponent, and you could set one up, and then you both could join forces against the two computer opponents. The computer opponents would probably be set to never be agressive to each other, but this can certainly be discussed.

The only reason I was considering not having a single player mode was the amount of AI that had to be written. A good 70% of the work was AI.

David Greenwood

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