I'd like to urge folks to keep in mind while discussing cross platform 
development tools that they're just that cross platform.
Windows has it's native apis which are loads better than sdl, sfml, or any of 
the others mentioned here.
I'd also like to point out that mac has core audio, and other apis that are the 
same way.
Anyone using the native mac apis would get just as fully exposed to the 
features windows apis provide,
but those programs would be mac only, just as direct x is windows only.
But, the point is that mac does have it's own set of apis for doing things.
The problem is that mac still has a long way to go on it's integrated 
development (called collectively the x tools) before they will be 
100 percent accessible to those of us who use screen readers for our computer 
That's not to say it can't be done, only that's considerably more difficult to 
use native mac apis with the apple provided development tools to make an 
equivalent game.
However, it *can* be done, if you have some sighted assistance (which most of 
us do not)
and a great deal of knowledge of how cocoa and objective C++ works.
On the other hand, all the comments about cross platform game developing is 
quite correct.
Give me some c++ code for a game like troopanum, and using sfml
I could have a cross platform version available in a week or less.
Give me a month or so, and some sighte help from someone who knows the apple 
developer tools, 
and I can provide you something like shades of doom, sara, or even toc, and 
you'd be blown away by it's richness of environment.
Unfortunately, what's lacking here is the sighted help, and the knowledge of 
the cocoa environment, so I at least can't do this out of the box.
(well, I could do the troopanum game, but not the other)
If you want a sample of what apple can do with their apis, check out the 
dinosaur game that comes with any mac purchase.
My kids love it, and it's definitely full of stereo sound effects, great video 
animations, and all sorts of eye candy for keeping the little ones entertained.
However, this was produced by folks who knew the apple environment inside and 
out, so it's not really a fair comparison of what *we* can do, only what *can* 
be done.
Hope this helps clarify a little bit.

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