Dear gamers,
Raul and I have noticed there is a lot of discussion of weather or not
BGT is on topic or not. Since this seams to be a hot topic of
discussion let me clear some things up so we are all clear on a few
things ok?
First, BGT is on topic for this list. It is a tool specifically
designed for creating and designing accessible games, a specialized
product, which is definitely game related, and is in keeping with this
lists purpose to talk about games that are accessible through accident
or by design.  This includes tools like BGT, the Audio Game Maker,
Tads, Inform, and any other specialized tools designed to create
accessible games.
As some of you might recall when the Audio Game Maker was made public
this list was just as active with questions, suggestions, and help for
that tool. In the past people have posted questions on how to create
new lone Wolf missions. In both cases those were specific questions on
how to create new games or expand an existing game. BGT is no
different, but perhaps a bit more complicated since all of the
concepts are very new to most of you.
Second, contrary to some opinions expressed on the list BGT is not a
programming language. It is a game engine with a highly flexable
scripting language, AngelScript, that is used to expand the engine and
create new games. I know the technical difference here might not mean
anything to some of you, but there is a difference.
Let's assume someone comes on the list wanting to learn Visual Basic
.NET and wants to know how to create a Notepad program. This is
obviously off topic because Visual Basic .NET is an all purpose
programming language, and a Notepad program doesn't have anything to
do with games. If someone comes on the list asking questions about BGT
that's a different story. For one thing BGT is a specialized game
creation tool, designed specifically for games, and therefore isn't
necessarily an all purpose language to begin with. As a result most of
the messages I have read is discussion on how to create a coin toss
program, guess the number game, or Bryan's Berzerk style game. All of
these are game related projects and therefore are in my personal
opinion on topic.
Finally, while I do understand some user's misgivings about the heavy
traffic regarding BGT this kind of increase in traffic is to be
expected. There are ways to wait it out such as changing your account
to no mail status until it blows over and keep track of list traffic
via our web site. Another option is to go digest that way you can get
one or two large e-mails containing todays list traffic without your
inbox being filled up. You can also unsubscribe for a month or so and
come back and by then things should have returned more or less back to
normal. Let's not ruin it for everyone else by complaining about it.
Before I go I have one last thing to say. Let's close all the topics
where people are asking if BGT is on topic or not, and stop arguing
over who is a winer or not, etc. That does no one any good, and just
further increases list traffic for no good reason.


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