Currently, the Smithsonian National Postal Museum is working on a
flash-based project.  The museum has a center called the Ford Education
Center (FEC) which has 5 touch screen computers and they offer cool content
such as games, maps, informative tidbits about stamps and the postal
operations all in flash program.  The content in the touch screen computers
are not accessible to visitors outside of the museum and we're currently
working on making the games available on our website.

What we would love to do is to have you and some of your colleagues who are
blind or have low vision to test out our flash games to make sure they are
accessible.  We want to see if the audio-descriptive tags work and if they
are FUN, and to see if you were able to cle arly understand the games in
order to play them.  The games we offer at the FEC are the following:
matching games, sorting the mail game, and stamp collecting games.

Would you be interested?  Would you have friends and/or colleagues who would
be interested in participating?

Basically our plan is to work on one game at a time.  The first is the
Sorting the Mail game (this is where you move mail into boxes categorized by
city).  Then we'll have a core group of people who are blind/have low vision
to come in and test out the games and give us feedback.  If the game is
successful, we'll move forward with the next game and the process starts
again.  I haven't set a date as to when the testing would begin, but I'll
know more information once I talk to our contractor.

If you want more information about the Ford Education Center, we have a bit
of commen tary in this link:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you  need me to clarify
anything.  Otherwise, please email me at to inform me of
your interest by COB April 16th (Friday).

Thank you so much!

Tabitha Jacques


Check my web site for my free blind accessible pc dos and windows games.
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Chardon Ohio USA
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