Hi David, and thanks for your kind words re my previous posts.

Re: coordination, if I have five fighters surrounding a cell with an enemy
battleship, as it stands, each fighter has to attack separately.  There is
no benefit other than stacking hits on to multiple attacking.  I can see
this as a model simplification, but really five attacking aircraft should be
more than five times as effective than a single aircraft.  Defenses would be
divided, making each aircraft last longer and presumably do more damage.  As
it is, the battleship gets to use all its power against each incoming
attack.  The same would be true for any unit surrounded, there is an
insufficient force multiplier effect for multiple attackers.

One way to resolve this would be to change the movement so that all
movement/attacks for a side are resolved at once, so you'd know if the
Bismarck were being attacked by six fighters and a destroyer all at the same
time.  This might be problematic in the more fluid environment you envision
for multi-player, so it may not be the best solution.

Another solution would be that each subsequent attacker after the first on a
unit reduces the effectiveness of that unit in its fight.  So fighter 1
attacks the Bismarck and the BB is at full strength.  Fighter 2 attacks and
the BB is at half strength for firepower.  Fighter 3 attacks and the bb is
at 1/3 strength for firepower and so on.  This pattern could apply any time
you have units surrounding an enemy and would imho properly reflect the
effectiveness of synchronized attacks.  It could also work in multi-player,
though if I understand you correctly there won't be turns per se, so you'd
have to impose a time limit on attacks in order to gain the benefit outlined

This would have a profound effect on strategy and tactics.  It would make
convoying necessary and more effective.  It would make the air unit the
feared thing it should be, see the Prince of Wales/Repulse vs. the Japanese
air force on December 10, 1941, a bloody defeat for the Royal Navy.

This would be a fairly fundamental change, so I wouldn't necessarily expect
it before the next release, though I think its sufficiently important to
consider a small delay if it could be implemented easily.

        Chris Bartlett

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