The good news is that I was able to roll my clock back and got back my sapi 
components back.
The bad news is how do I go about repairing them? Robert Sezar from IYP said 
that there was a problem with my sapi 5 engine. So I uninstalled it to try 
and fix it. That was one huge mistake.
I go to try to click on repair and it tells me that I need a cd-rom. Is this 
my vista disc? Is there any way of going on line somewhere to test out my 
sapi for vista?
Also, if there's anyone on this list who's running fsx and iyp with vista 
and lives in the lower 48 states I would deeply appreciate the help getting 
up and running. I can call for a once a month fee for the lower 48 states.
I'm not sure, but I think I at least have the fsuipc program installed and 
running at least.
Now if I could only hear that magic sound of captain its your plane.
I thank all for their help on getting into the air.
Ron and Boz.

Have a good day,
>From the Kolesar brothers and our puppies

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