Man, I really am starting to love this series. Everyone up here in North 
America would know it as Yakuza, as would the people over in Europe. This 
game's a spinoff, and is based around the legendary Musashi Miyamoto. So, this 
game takes out fists, and switches the focuss to swords. I've always loved this 
series, for the main story and for the cinematics as well as the actin and 
sounds. Kensan is only available in Japan, but I would say it's worth importing 
if you have someone around to play with you. There's a great guide on gamefaqs 
that can get you through it. Here are two videos I converted and uploaded.

The first video involves Musashi and a friend, Majima, waiting at a temple for 
an army. However, their commander, called Marume-san in the video, shws up and 
tells them that they killed an heir of the Tokugawa family. Since you didn't 
know, you're stunned. However, you ge told that the army serves that family, 
and since you killed the heir, Marume wants revenge and sees it as his duty to 
kil you both and Majima. So the fight in the video is between Musashi, Majima 
and the rest of the troops plus Marume. Keep in mind that this isn't 
technically a beat em up. This is an action rpg, and there's a lot of 
exploration aside from just killing and killing. But the action is a big part. 

Anyhow, after that fight, Musashi tries to flee but is blocked by a rival, 
Koujirou sasaki. Marume calls him kojiro-sama. Kojiro is an old rival of 
Musashi's, and recognizes him when Musashi puls two swords at once. 
Historically, Musashi is the founder of the two-sword style. The second fight 
is a battle tutorial on how to use the style in the game. That's where the 
second video starts.

The second vide picks up where you left off. Musashi stabs a trooper in the 
chest, and him and Kojiro banter brefly. I don't know that much Japanese, I was 
lucky to pick up as much as I did in the first video. Anyhow, Kojirou ad 
Musashi duel and separate. Then they clash again. The second brake, Majima 
tries to protect Musashi but gets stabbed in the eye. Then they clash one more 
time. Musashi breaks away and tells Marue that the two of them will take his 
advice and survive. Then he grabs the injured Majima and leaps ff the cliff 
edge and rns off.

That's pretty muc hthe two videos. I love the cinematics in this game... and 
the duel between Musashi and Kojiro sounds epic. Opinions are always welcome. 
Hope that was enough of a commentary to describe what's going on. And sorry 
about the typing... my laptop keyboard sucks.
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