Okay, I'll do my best here since I've used vip-mud and mudconnect.com.
First, when you go to the mud connect sitee choose I think it's the 3rd link on 
the page something about mud listings and that will give you the choice of 
finding a game by name, category, mud code type, or to use the mud connect big 
list. I prefer the mud big list since, though it does list every game by 
alphabetical order, it does give you a link for the mud home page if it has one 
and also tells you if the mud is connected, timed out, or connection refused. 
To get the mud port number you should click on the mud game name and it will 
bring up another page filled with stats, a brief overview and more. Near the 
top, after where it says to log in then to go to the member site, you'll find 
the stats and it will show you the game ranking, the code base, when it was 
created, and then the site which for example might say
mudconnect.com 5000
that is the address and the port number if this was a real mud game. Some have 
long numbers like 6565 98.9.900.22 but you only need the main first numbers for 
the port number to enter into the mud client. 
Don't click on play now or a connect button as that will think you want to use 
telnet and if your running jaws, that's a pain and not worth the time it takes 
to use.
Usually, vip-mud wants the character name you want to be, the mud game name, 
the mud game site address, and the port number.
Though I've heard the David Greenwood from GMA Games is or was working on an 
updated version of the vip-mud client, but its not available yet.

If you're looking strictly for text-based games, you might want browser based 
games you can play through your internet browser without downloading a client 
or worrying about port numbers.
If you need more help finding either a mud game or browser game, let me know 
kind of what you're looking for and I can send along links.
Good luck.


 there are several ways to search for games, one is by name, one is by game 
code what its written in, one is by general category like vampires or harry 
potter, and the last is through the big mud list where it lists every game in 
alphabetical order with its name a www link for the home page and tells you if 
the game is connect or timed out or connection refused.
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