Very simple so far, but something have been meaning to get around to for a little while, and only other thing it includes is sound clips, and a method to say numbers up to 100 as well - started putting it together myself before noticed that there's an include that comes with toolkit - and was, again, sort of using it as a way of practicing scripting etc.

Anyway, 935kb zip file, and I also made use of some panning, and pitch sound effects to render a bit of the character location/direction facing:

Along the lines of that one, it would be nice if apart from horizontal panning, there was a form of vertical panning, but I know that would have more to do with directX, as opposed to simpler channel output/usage, so I actually just upped the pitch/speeded up playback of the walking/step sound a little bit when on a platform, and, yes, this is very simple so far, but I prefer to play around with all sorts of things in a form of step by step learning process, so let's see...

Basically, you start off on the left hand side at position 1, and you need to move across to position 50 on the right hand side, and as you walk left or right with the cursor keys, you'll hear the character walking, with the sound either panning to the left or the right so you can hear which way you're facing, but at two random places in the middle somewhere you'll run into platforms with a width of 3 paces, which will trigger a sort of bump sound playback, and you then need to hit the space bar without walking, but while facing the edge, to jump up onto it, then walk across and you'll hear different sounds for jumping and automatically dropping down on the other side, and when you reach the other end, it will tell you how many seconds you took.

At any place you can also hit the P key and it will tell you where you are, and whether you're up on a platform or down on the ground.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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