Hey all,
For some odd reason, I'm fascinated with AI even though I'm not a programmer. my question is basically, how on earth could artificial intelligence outsmart so many people? I think I have an idea of how it might work for things like adventure game and driving games for instance, but how does it work for fighting games where so many different options are involved? I just find it fascinating that computer programs are getting smarter than human beings in many ways. let's say I'm playing a game like mortal kombat and I throw a punch. if I have the game on the hardest difficulty, it's as if the CPU had some mind reading power. it'll immediately block, or jump over or dodge what I'm trying to do in a split second. not only that, but it can take advantage of mistakes I make for example if I do a special move at the wrong time, it'll take advantage of the opening and I'll immediately be severely punished lol. now I've played against many players online including friends, and total strangers, and even so, I sometimes find a computer opponent way tougher than an actual human being. I just find that incredible. does the CPU load every single move for a particular character and its opponents weakness into memory before the fight starts and somehow analyzes everything instantly? It's the only way I can come up with to explain how it can react so quickly and with such accuracy. I just find it so hilarious how people on message boards seem to complain more about AI difficulty than anything else about a game. they can beat online players just fine, but when it comes to AI they start complaining oh man how could this computer be so tough etc. anyone wish to educate me a bit on how AI works? thanks

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