Hi Dark,

I know that you were just spoofing, but to set the record straight.  I have 
lived in this apartment building since March 1987.  The building is a 
government subsidized HUD building, so I pay approximately one third of my SSDI 
check for rent.  The building has 76 apartments, all on one level and is shaped 
like a large square C with a court yard in the center of the C.  In the 
courtyard we have a pavilion, grills etc.  I guess the large C shape is so that 
helicopters and airplanes know that they are over Chardon when they fly over.  
The city of Chardon is the county seat of Geauga county in Ohio.   The largest 
city near Chardon is Cleveland Ohio USA.

BTW I am the Vice Chairman, board of commissioners, Geauga Metropolitan Housing 
Authority.  You can listen to our board meetings from my web site where it says 
click here for the GMHA board meetings.

Now for my credit card, I always always immediately pay off any amount I ever 
charge on it.  You know before I have to pay any intrust.

I do support the tobacco growers though.  Have since I started smoking when I 
was 15.  Well except for those 5 years when I had quit.

I can not even imagine how many hours over the last thirty years I have spent 
learning, experimenting and coding computer games.  You know along with looking 
for, recording and editing sound files for them.  Oh yeah and the Email and 
phone calls for tech support of my games.  Thank goodness I have had this nice 
comfortable chair and computer desk for so many years.


----- Original Message -----
What! ---- one of jims' games for free! ----- don't you know how important the income from those games is to jim?

With his ten million dollar det to o v a draft and son, creddit card company, and the monthly wrent he has to pay to Jo mcstingy his landlord for the plywood shed he lives in, it's only nights spent up programming those games and days out working on the tobacco plantation that stops him from being kicked out into the cold, deported, having everything he owns taken by the balifs and sent to live in the London sewers!

And then you, ---- sitting in your cumfy arm chair ask for a free game? ---- how can you be so heartless!

sorry jim, was feeling random and this one sort of happened, ---- and while the recessions bad, I hope it's not that! bad ;D.

Beware the Grue!



O k who stole the C off of the Chardon high school again?

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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