To my game playing friends.
First of all I thank you all for your help with the voice interface program 
and MS's Flight simulator.
Please read the letter below that I sent to It's Your Plane.
I need one last little assistance with getting started.
So please read the letter below and hopefully in the morning I'll read my 
mail and I'll finally be able to fly at last.
Hey Robert!!
Michelle is finally hearing my commands at last. This is the good news.
The bad news is the only command that she is hearing is the please help  me
command. Then she goes into all kinds of nav commands for being in the air.I
can't seem to shut her up though.
Since I'm hearing the blips I hopefully can assume that the blind pilot mode
is turned on? At least I told it to turn blind pilot mode on.
How do I get started?
My flight plan is from Erie International KERI to Harrisburg/Capitol City
International. KCXY.
I am flying the demo Cessna N 760 PL and I am flying IFR.
Do I say Erie International this is n 760 pl or what to get started.
I've tried saying start cold and dark. I've tried start pre-flight and all
that I get is the blips. Michelle doesn't come back and say blind pilot mode
on or anything. All that I get is the sound blips.
Before you ask it. Yes when I fired up IYP I was up graded to version 181.
Any advice?
I had to turn UTC back on so that I could write this letter. The PC was
going nuts with it turned off.
So she's finally hearing my first command. How do we have her hear my next
In short, how do I get started. How do I get the airport to hear me? I
should already be on the runway.
Ron who might be able to fly just yet.

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