First, I'd like to say that using two sound objects and switching back and 
forth between them for my voiceover script worked fantastically. I was quite 
surprised by how easy it was to do.

I am basically reading my auto it voiceover script and then typing it in bgt 
code to be as close to the same as the auto it version as possible. This should 
be great for two reasons. First I don't have to think so hard on how to make it 
work, and secondly it should be so similar to the auto it version that PKB 
group members should be able to use it without any learning curve what so ever 
if they were already using the auto it version.

I ran into a little problem. Auto It has two functions that I used for the 
voiceover script in that language that I couldn't find a match for in BGT. 
These were as follows:
isInteger; returns 1 if the string passed to it was a number (floating point 
numbers return 0).
isAlpha: returns 1 if the string passed to it is a through z upper or lower 
case (punctuation returns false).
also, isFloat would be great too. I think it's possible BGT can already do 
this, but if it can I don't believe it is mentioned in the documentation.

It doesn't matter what type the variable is, the variable in this case will be 
a string. I need to know if the voiceover script needs to fire off number 
speaking code or if it's time to spell something or what. I suppose I could run 
a check to see if it's a or b or c or blahblahblah for isAlpha, and I could do 
a check to see if the number is either 0 1 2 3 4 5 all the way up to 9. I don't 
know if this is going to be a solution that will work all the time, especially 
with numbers if I need to go into large numbers at some point and need to see 
if it's a number or not.

Thanks in advance.
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