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Hello all. The short of it is that email on the gamers list should be
trickling back through. This means that you should see messages even
from a few days ago start coming through. Now if you want more technical
details on why and how, read on. Otherwise, keep listing on game related
topics. If you have questions about this, please email
gamers-ow...@audyssey.org, not the list.

What happened is that because we have over 300 members on the list, many
email messages were getting delayed by various email service providers
such as Comcast, Gmail, and Yahoo to name a few. The way Mailman was
configured for this list was so that this would not happen. However due
to the problems over the weekend with the server needing to be rebuilt,
things got set back to defaults. This of course meant that Mailman would
sometimes try to send 100 messages at a time. Breaking it down. If there
are 300 members on a list and 5 people email in 5 minutes, that's a
total of 1500 messages which get sent out. 300 times 5 equals 1500. Now
let's say that there are several Yahoo subscribers. Mailman would bundle
messages to quickly get them there, but Yahoo says, hey now! Don't spam
me with so many messages. So to protect itself, it causes the messages
to either bounce away or to delay for a time. The fix is to make Mailman
not send so many at once, thus insuring a smooth list flow like we are
used to. So now that those things have been configured, mail from now on
should be delivered like what we are used to. However this also means
that some of you may either not get prior messages, or if you do get
them, they will be delayed as the queue clears out by your isp.

Hopefully things will resume like normal, but if you have any concerns,
definitely let me know. My email address is in this message, or you can
always email gamers-ow...@audyssey.org.

Many thanks.

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