Hi Dark,
Exactly my point. I think far too often people mistake Netbooks for a
type of inexpensive and slim line type of laptop which they are not.
Oh, they are nice and handy if you are someone who needs to run
standard day to day apps like Word, Excel, Quicken, Firefox, etc but
beyond that you are pressing your luck.  They have relatively small
storage space, less memory, less CPU power, to say nothing of not
coming with dvd burners, etc that comes with a real laptop computer.
Netbooks really are nothing more and nothing less than a type of
notetaker device.
As for looking for a more slim line laptop, as you put it, I'm not
really sure how feasable that is realistically. After all the
difference between a laptop and a netbook computer  can be quite
different. For example, my laptop computer has a 3.6 GHZ processor, 2
GB of ram, a 160 GB hard drive, a 15 inch display, a dvd burner, etc.
It is powerful enough to run about any program/application I want to
run as well as do things like watch dvd movies  which you can't do at
all on a netbook. I know that some laptops have a home theater type
feel to them so they come with 17 inch and even 19 inch displays for
better visibility for people who like using their computer for
watching movies or who want to play video games on their laptop.
Obviously, having such a large display naturally makes the laptop unit
much bigger and heavier to carry around. Netbooks on the other hand
are not designed for video games and watching movies so can afford to
get away with a much smaller screen, not have a full sized keyboard,
not include a dvd player, etc. If you want small you can have it, but
you also have to  do without all of the bells and wistles so to speak.


On 5/3/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> That is essentially what put me off getting one myself, the lack of ability
> to do things with it.
> I think I'll probably just wait until my laptop explodes, by which time
> there should be powerful enough slim line laptops which will fulfill the
> need very well.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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