Hi Tom.

Well bare in mind that I grew up carting laptops around in the days when it wasn't uncommon for a machine to have a floppy drive and cd drive as well, a full sized keyboard and a 15 inch screen, so my deffinitions of "slim line" are rather different to other peoples ;D.

I'm currently using a toshiba I got in 2005. I'km not quite sure on ram etc, but I've yet to find an application it won't run, and though it doesn't have a dvd burner, it does have a very passable rewrite cd drive.

In fact the only thing about it I find a pain is that it only has 32 gb of storage space, ---- which practically means I can't keep my entire music and audio library on it, though i have got copies of all audio games.

I did look at net books for interests' sake as much as anything, and because as far as past experience goes the operational life of a laptop I've found tends to be roughly 7 years, and I am taking my laptop around to various places, up and down the country on trains, to the Italian alps and even crusing down the Nile in egypt.

I suspect whatever machine I buy next will simply be smaller, just by virtue of being smaller, but I have no intention of skimping on features. Indeed, probably the only feature I won't bother with is a screen, sinse I generally find below 21 inches is my limit for visible screen size, ---- though of course I don't really need the screen for all that much anyway.

Oh, and I hate! those mini keyboards with a pattion! I really don't think they were made with touch typing in mind, ---- particularly not at the sort of speed I tend to type at.

Beware the grue!


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