Actually tom, I can beat that.

My old uni laptop, a toshiba was bought in 2000, and I used it up until 2006, and until i got my desktop in 2005, it was pretty much used for several hours every day. In fact the only thing that went on it was the fan (my dad actually started using it recently just to do basic word processing, though he's sinse bought a newer model and my old machine has been consigned to the dustbin of history).

the most extreme though is my brother's Toshiba. He had his original machine stolen during a burglary in 1997, containing all the work for his A-levels. Dolphin physically built him one within 10 days (this was in the days when you couldn't install a program like supernova without assistance, so it was better done in the shop), and sent it out.

he stopped using it as a main work machine in 2005, and sinse bought a smaller netbook as a basic note taker. however, my mum is stil! using that machine, complete with it's install of windows 95 as a word processer now, ---- and it stil! works! Admittedly, sinse my brother used consoles for his gaming, i don't believe it saw quite as much use as mine as it was basically used for word processing and net brousing, --- but stil it must be a record.

As you might gather, we all like toshiba as a make.

I did once use an acer, but found it ridiculously buggy and prone to overheat, even though it was scarcely six months old.

The only issue with toshibas I've noticed is to be careful with the batteries, and remember to keep running them down, even when unnecessary.

i bought two new batteries for my toshiba last year, and I try to run them down to nothing even when I've got a power point handy. Their stil taking full chaarge, which is good. Admittedly that's only about 200 minutes per battery, not like the battery life on some more modern machines, but having two of them helps a lot.

Beware the grue!


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