Hi Shaun,
Sheesh, man! You are pretty rough on your laptops. Lol!
I've never had that much problem with any computer laptop or desktop
that I can recall.  If it is a desktop that has a hardware failior I
tend to replace the parts manually if it is something I can fix.
Laptops I just tend to take care of as best I can so they don't get
destroyed. Only Once haveI actually dropped a laptop and wonder of
wonders it lived to run another day without serious damage. Although,
I don't feel too bad for your NEC. I hate that brand with a passion.


On 5/4/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> well since we are talking about laptops I have had several.
> my t1850 with the keynot gold synth which lasted from 1993 till 2001
> It got dropped, once had hard drives floppy drives keyboards 2 power modules
> and a mains plug.
> I used it as a main system for some time but it became a games box which
> unfortunately ended when it decided its drives would all die at once.
> my next was in 1996 it was a satelite 310cds.
> this lasted to about 2001 as a main box.
> running win95 and later 98se with its bios upgraded to version 8.0.
> this was the only system that ever had a bios upgrade at all or that needed
> upgrading.
> 2002-2004.
> I decide to go with a funding agency and on their recomendation got a raw
> deal with a nec versa.
> yes the 310 was still going strong but it was rather useless and slow.
> the worst system I ever had, had a mangled fan though unproven and required
> reformatting every week or so to keep it working.
> I used to spend half the time using it, a quarter of the time fixing it and
> the rest bashint it literally in frustration.
> it would break down in the most opertune circumstances like just before an
> exam.
> Grrrr.
> I finally did a bios update to fix it and the update didn't go so well.
> the main board died and I was happily able to replace the box.
> after that I got a toshiba again, a satelite a9.
> It was thankfully good and has lasted me till 2007 when its dvd drive burned
> out.
>  as a resolt I can't recover the box.
> the screen is loose and floppy too.
> after that I got an old toshiba 4400 which was for linux on tech, which I
> used for what it was worth it was usefull.
> I had it for a year then got rid of it.
> The current system my tecra a9 has to its credit although trying to get me
> to reformat has not had me needing to although I have almost given up on it
> at times.
> its format process requires sight though and I am happy its gone ok for this
> long even with the abuse its got which is not to much though its keyboard
> was just replaced last month.
> Its probably gona last me till it burns its cpu.
> Ofcause not all the laptops are dead.
> my 4400 is now an email system for my mums friend or one of them.
> it does what it needs to do.
> my 310 was traded for a couple disks of mp3s and is happily making someone
> happy.
> my a10 satelite if I ever manage to replace the fan, cd drive and screen
> hinges will ride again though with its single core cpu there is probably not
> much point.
> my 1850 will work if I ever got the components, though I dropped it again
> while trying to fix it resulting in smoking batteries and broken casings so
> I think thats unlikely.
> My nec is in hell and I hope it stays there.
> disturbingly though it was the cheapest system on one of the us sites I
> think cnet or something.

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