As far as the coffee goes, ---- well it wasn't one cup, it was more like half a cup, ---- and a small cup from the thermos I used to take around school at that.

I didn't actually drop it, more sort of knocked it while stationary. Sinse then I've always made certain to have laptops and coffee in separate places. Even when i'm on a train, i use the table in the next seat for coffee, ---- or else hold the coffee in my hand while drinking it and not over my laptop.

I will say though, that's the one great thing about wireless keyboards. I frequently now sit around with drinks or food while I'm using my computer, but only with the keyboard on my lap a long way away from anything else, ---- besides in my experience pc keyboards are far less senstative than laptop ones. My wireless keyboard has actually been sat on a couple of times and is none the worse for ware, ---- something I'd never even risk doing with a laptop ;D.

Beware the grue!

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<hmmm I don't think so>
the nec was a joke I think the fan was broken loads or something.
the 1850, well it dropped then died after a good life.
the rest, inexperience mostly, the satelite, got hard labour for its entire life and although it had its failiers it was not to bad.
the other 2 the 310 and 4400 had their uses and forfilled them.
this current one seems to like mostly unless I do something stupid which I have done only about 4 times and in all cases I have managed to salvage it. Desktop wise I seem to be having a good run with the latest 2 units we have though one is quite old.

what did you do just out a intrest with the cofee how did it happen, i imagine you dropping an entire cup and all whilst distracted at least thats probably what I'd have happen.
I don't carry drinks round the unit or eat.
I am always amased how sighted people can use the mouse with one hand, eat, put down the bowl drink, put down the cup, then type without either spilling or forgetting where the heck they were. I don't know if I'd spill probably would at some point but I know I'd forget what I was doing.

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