Oh, no big loss. I've been tempted to drop my Compaq on concrete just
to smash it on purpose. Lol!
Seriously though, I had the thing for only six months wen the dvd
drive bit the dust. Then I started having weird problems with the
right shift key not working.  So lets say Compaq got an ear full when
I sent it back to be serviced. I basically told them their notebooks
were crap as I've owned two other laptops made by different companies
that lasted far longer and without any serious problems, and I have
the Comcrap six months and it starts going to heck in a handbag. I'll
never recommend their computers to anyone ever again.


On 5/4/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> <grin>
> well the dropping was a misjudging it dropped on the carpet.
> its not the worst story I have heard, a friend dropped his on a concrete
> floor, ok I admit my toshiba got mangled but it was ok.
> this guy's compaq disintergrated it went into little bits.
> smaaaash.
> I never saw it but I'm glad that was not mine.

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