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> From: "Jeremy Hartley" <>
> Date: May 5, 2010 7:56:36 AM GMT+02:00
> To: "anouk" <>
> Subject: Re: connecting to simutronics games with normal mudclient
> Hi there.  Below is the post I sent to audissey back in December, plus a few 
> updated passages.
> This example is for Dragon Realms, but I have also tried this method with 
> GemStone IV, and with the exception of the gamehost and gameport being 
> different, it works as well.
> Here is what I did.
> I logged onto and signed up for an account.
> After getting my account, and logging back into the site, including hitting
> that go play button.  I was brought into the initial screen for my account
> wich has a group of radio buttons , which allow you to start a new character
> or choose your character, , and then it presents a group of radio buttons
> that gives you the choice for picking the wizard front end and a few other
> ones.  I choose the wizard front end radio button, and hit enter on the go
> play! button.
> Now, since I have active X disabled for this site in IE and firefox, rather
> than launching the wizard client, a page comes up and says
> Preparing to launch DragonRealms Trial for the Wizard FE. If your game does
> not start automatically,
> click here.
> I right click on the link that says click here, and choose save link as in
> FireFox or save target as if you are using IE.
> My character's name is galphner, so the filename is galphner.sal
> Once the file is saved, you will want to open the .sal file in notepad.
> Note: In the message, I said that I had activeX disabled in firefox and IE 
> for this site.  I have discovered that I can go to the file types tab in the 
> folder options of Windows Explorer under the tools menu.
> You will want to look for the sal extention, and then tab to the change 
> button.  You will be presented with the Open With dialog.  You will want to 
> choose notepad from the list and click OK.
> With this method, any .sal file you try to open should not try to launch any 
> mud clients from simutronics, and should only open in NotePad.
> Now, getting back to the actual .sal file.
> Here is part of the contents of the one I just saved
> UPPORT=5535
> FULLGAMENAME=Wizard_Front_End
> KEY=ba247ea0ffaf8c1529ae40e9693da03b
> You will want to make special note of the gamehost gameport and key entries.
> You will want to copy your key to the clipboard.  In other words, copy
> everything to the right of the equals sign in the line that begins with key=
> If memory serves, the key will expire within fifteen minutes of generation,
> so you will want to be quick when you save the file and then run vipmud or
> your client of choice.
> So you would fill out your game host as
> and your port as 4901
> What happens when you connect.
> When you connect to the gameHost, it will act like you are connected to a
> blank connection.  This is where you paste your key that you copied to the
> clipboard into your mud client and press enter
> You then want to type, all in caps, the words
> and press enter.
> Note: if you happen to have punctuation turned off in your screen reader, the 
> word to type in all capital letters is
> spelled out it is
> F E slash J A V A
> You will finally see a message in your mud client of choice that says 
> something like, waiting for connection to server, and you should then see the 
> actual game in your mud client!
> You should be in and playing at that point.
> If something I wrote doesn't make sense, let me know and I would be happy to 
> help further.  I am sort of half asleep as I write this. grin
> Jeremy

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