Hi Dark,
I know. Beleive me I've heard this before way too many times to count
from multiple sources. However, the problems you speak of are not easy
problems to fix. I can not just snap my fingers and they are fixed.
They will take time and research to fix. As those were not critical
bugs I decided to put those on the back burner, so to speak, and
worked on the really critical errors like the sound panning and crash
dialog.  As you know it took me about a month to do what I did, and
there is still a mountain of work to do before this thing is ready. So
please do understand I haven't forgotten to do this. It is just a
manner of trying to figure out what needs fixed first, second, and
third so to speak. If I could fix everything all at once the game
would be ready for sale by now.
For example, most people, not necessarily you, assume I can simply add
a keystroke to make the cutscene go away. Actually, there is one but
it doesn't work. The reason it doesn't work is because the LoadLevel()
function is called by the input thread. Meaning while the level is
loading the keyboard thread is temperarily suspended while the level
loads.  That means no keyboard support at all while our cutscene is
playing. I tried putting it on its own thread but the game crashed big
time. So between crashing or no keyboard support for the moment my
choice was rather obvious for stability reasons. Eventually, I'll fix
it, but hey it takes time and work to try to fix a bug and debug it
properly. However, since everyone is driving me up the wall asking
about the view command and the cutscene I'll  spend this entire week
working on those two problems specifically. Maybe then I won't have to
hear about them any more.


On 5/10/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> appologies if this has been mentioned already. I've just had chance to try
> mota 12. Very nice, ---- I deffinately like the fact that the pan bug is
> fixed (it kept getting Dr. Carter frazled in fire pits), and I deffinately
> like smacking harpies to death with a bull whip.
> the player comments are great, ---- they actually give the good doctor just
> the personality she needs.
> My only miner irritation thus far, is that there is no way either to
> interupt the intro, or the view messages.
> In terms of the intro, it would be nice if I didn't have to read the
> inscription each and every time I pla, ---- sinse cool though it is, it is a
> bit much the tenth time.
> Also, i would like to see a way of interupting the view messages, sinse if I
> just want view information of the closest object it'd prefer not to have to
> sit through a full description of everything in the room. this is
> particularly true when jumping firepits.
> apart from that, everything seems great thus far, ---- though i haven't
> quite made it to the 2nd level yet.
> all the best,
> Dark.

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