Hi Dark,
Oh, that's okay. I do understand where you are coming from.  I didn't
mean to sound quite so irritable yesterday, but sometimes it does get
to be slightly frustrating to recieve several messages in a row on a
particular bug or problem with the game or a product. Especially, when
the changes.txt file is there to tell customers what has been fixed,
and what hasn't been fixed.  If a particular bug isn't in the
changes.txt file than it is safe to say that problem hasnt' yet been
addressed for one reason or another.
Perhaps one way to solve this problem is to ship a shortened todo.txt
file with the game so customers can see what changes are scheduled for
the next release ahead of time. That would save us both duplicating
requests and scheduling in advance. However, as I said though it would
have to be a shortened version of the todo list as there are things in
there I wouldn't necessarily want the public to view such as the
location of a new trap, or some plans for a hidden lever/pressure
switch that should be found by the player. Such hints would give too
many secrets away from the paying customers. Plus I sometimes often
change my todo list midway through development as a bug or problem
crops up during public testing that take spriority over whatever is in
the todo file.
Anyway, it is funny you should mention the pause key. As it turns out
it isn't working in beta 12, and I never noticed as I never use that
command much myself.  So I completely understand how a developer can
overlook something like that. If the developer doesn't use it, doesn't
really need it, it takes someone else to point it out to him/her that
the pause key is not working.  I imagine the same bug was present in
beta 11 as well, but nobody noticed until now. So, yes, we developers
do have a way of overlooking the obvious stuff sometimes.
Just talking to Phil yesterday showed me the proof of that. Here I had
designed a speed attribute into the engine to give each and every
player and enemy a maximum speed, and yet never used it in Mysteries
of the Ancients. I just set all of the enemies default speed to 1
which is pretty slow. It would have made more sense to make the
centaurs and harpies move fairly fast while skeletons and zombies
fairly slow. Sounds obvious now, but in the haste of developing the
game, porting the engine from .Net to C++, etc something that miner
never even entered my mind. Was too much to do than to think about
weather or not this or that enemy should move quickly or slowly.


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