Hi Dark,
Hmmmm...I'm not sure if I'd like to be able to jump over the ghosts or
not. That's precisely the problem I have with some of these retro
remakes of classic games. Sooner or later a game developer will screw
it up, because he/she will decide that the original game play wasn't
good enough and it needs to be changed. packman Talks is a fairly good
remake of the classic Packman in my opinion. However, as you pointed
out newer remakes etc had features like jumping that wasn't present in
the original. While adding jumping over ghosts isn't really a big deal
this is just a small example of how classic games can be altered  and
easily lose touch with the original game it is suppose to be based on.
For example, as you know I was suppose to make a clone of Montezuma's
Revenge. Unfortunately, I don't think people really wanted anything
like the classic original game. People began throwing out suggestions
like more random monsters, more random items, random levels, allow the
player to use the spacebar to use the sword, etc. What they didn't
stop and consider is with every suggestion they made they were getting
further and further from the classic game I was trying to make a retro
remake of in the first place. The final version I released definitely
wasn't really true to the game i played in 1984. WhatI'm learning the
hard way is sometimes suggestions are helpful and sometimes they are
harmful to the final product as well.

On 5/22/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Unfortunately, sinse I was rather young at the time I can't recall
> precisely, though given some of the other games I remember playing such as
> berzerk space invaders and joust, I suspect this might've been the later
> model of the 2600 you mentioned, though whether the game was packman or mrs.
> packman I stil can't be certain.
> I remember playing pack mania some years later on the amigar, which funnily
> enough was closer in gameplay to packman talks, sinse it had far larger
> sprites and an isometric view rather than streight top down, so you could
> only see a few passages around you at a time.
> One interesting feature it did have was the ability to jump over ghosts who
> were heading streight for you, ---- though they'd of course start chasing
> you streight off. Then on later levels some ghosts would start jumping as
> well, ---- which could be a real pest!
> I know there are a hole bunch of retro remakes of packman, though i must
> confess the only one I've played much is the one someone put together with
> the rocks n diamonds game engine, which I was testing for low vision access
> purposes.
> anyway, this is turning into a ramble so I'll stop.
> Btw Phil, any chance of sticking the ability to jump over ghosts into
> packman talks? ;D.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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