I'm basing this email on rock band since I don't have much experience with guitar hero, although it will probably work similarly. ok here's the problem. we want to learn how to play rock band preferably on expert, on our instrument of choice. the big issue? it can be rather difficult to figure out the chart since we're blind. huge problem right there lol. possible solution? record the stems for the instrument and figure out the note charting by ear. I don't know about you guys, but my problem isn't strumming, or even figuring out the notes, my problem is figuring out what a really difficult song is supposed to sound like so I could figure out the buttons for the thing. how many of you have a perfect note by note representation of let's say panic attacks solo in your head? bet not many people do. and if you can't figure out what it sounds like, you can't play it on rock band. So my idea is a simple one. let us rb players get together and record some instrument stems since harmonix is unlikely to provide them to us. this should be easily accomplished by choosing practice, setting the game to whichever difficulty you're comfortable with, then set it to 50% speed and record the guitar track in sections. this will make it a lot easier to learn songs on expert or any difficulty as a matter of fact. did this email make sense to anyone, and are you guys interested? we'll need people to help with stem recordings, and preferably a site to host them. remember these stems would have to be perfect else there's not much point, but since we'll be recording each individual section it should be no problem for most songs. this is the craziest idea I've had in a while, and I'll admit a brute force method of doing things, not to mention that it sounds like a pretty insane and time consuming task even to me, but I hope you guys like it and help out. I can put up a sample if people are scratching their heads in confusion and didn't understand a thing I just wrote lol.

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