Howdy gamers:
Here's what's going on.
Duck Hunt 1.2:
You may or may not know, but I've released duck Hunt 1.2 which takes
advantage of Streemway, as well as having the I K J and L navigation like in
other games.  
Website attacks:
Apparently a number of bluehost customers were affected by an attack on the
bluehost servers. I was not spared and had to clean up the mess.  The site
should now be virus free, as well. Scoreboards for all the games should work
correctly.  If there is a board that is not working, please let me know.
orders and replacement keys:
Apparently There have been some people who have either: 1. not gotten
replacements keys, and 2.  not even gotten order confirmations with keys.
If you or someone you know falls in to one of these categories, please email
me at  
I want to make sure these outstanding issues get resolved as quick as
new licensing system:
I have talked about it before, but  this month when free tiem permits, I
will be working on an update to the machine-based system.  I want to replace
it with a user ID and key system.  I feel the current system is way to
restrictive, and is unfair to users who own a laptop, or a netbook.  I will
hopefully have more info about tha tin July.  Writing a new system is going
to take a bit of time, but I feel it will be worth it for everyone in the
thanks for reading.
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